Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows - The tools, tips and the inspiration

I believe having perfect, shaped eyebrows is the trick to defining your face. Too thinly shaped eyebrows make a person look more aged and does nothing to the features of your face, so always make sure your eyebrow waxer doesn't wax them too thin! Here are some tips and tools for perfect eyebrows

Tip: Take a good look in the mirror and check if your eyebrows are well proportioned with the rest of the features on your face.. if not, next time you are getting your eyebrows waxed, ask your beautician to shape your eyebrows to fit your face better.

Must have Tool 1:  A Spooly Brush

Brush your eyebrows with this brush to define them and keep them neat and tidy.

Must have Tool 2:  Eyebrow gel and powder like Benefit's Brow Zings

Use the darker gel to go over the shape of your eyebrows and the lighter powder to fill in any gaps or spaces of hair.


  1. I agree that eyebrows truly frame the face, and I think it's easy to pluck too much. I pluck my own because I'm afraid if I have it done professionally, they might do too much. Thanks for tips!

  2. I can actually see from your small display picture that your eyebrows look nice and defined! :)