Friday, February 11, 2011

Foods to avoid to lose weight

Ummm, looking at this picture makes me sooo hungry and it is 10.30 at night and I have attempted to stop eating after 7.00pm

Here is a list of all the foods you should AVOID when trying to lose weight.. trust me it helps!

- Fried foods (includes spring rolls, dim sims)
- French fries and hamburgers
- Table sugar
- Salted nuts ( a handful of raw nuts a day is ok..)
- Baked beans
- Soft drinks
- Toffee and chocolate
- Fatty sausages
- Bacon
- Cake
- White Bread (especially after 5pm)
- Pasta made with white flour
- Alcohol ( if you cannot cut this out of your diet try having vodka and soda water)
- Popcorn
- Pastrys
- Lots of potato
- Too much cheese-
- Too much tomatoe sauce

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  1. I'm trying to lost weight, so thanks for the post! BTW, I'm a new follower :)