Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 Amazing Cosmetic Brands you probably haven't heard of

I am a cosmetic freak as you can probably tell from my blog, but I don't tend to obsess over the common brands you hear thrown around such as M.A.C, Napoleon, MOR Etc. I use these products but I have discovered way better brands which only a few of you would of heard of! I recommend you to check these products and brands out.. you won't be disappointed. 

1. Philosophy (My favorite brand of ALL TIME)

I LOVE Philosophy and basically all my bath and body products are from this brand. I also love their skincare range.. All of america obsess over this brand.  Available - Philosophy.com or Mecca Cosmetic stores

Hope in a Jar Moisturizer 

A rich textured moisturizer that hydrates your skin- America and beauty therapists are crazy about this product.. I definitely recommend

Scented Bath and Shower Gel 

                         Strawberry milkshake; Cookies and Creme; Cripsy Marshmallow bars

2. Too Faced Cosmetics 

This makeup brand by far has the cutest packaging and is a winner when it comes to prepared make up kits like the 'Naked Eye Kit' which has 9 eyeshadows and 3 tutorials on different looks you can create with the shadows. Available online and at your local KIT cosmetic bars located in Myer. 

Lashgasm Mascara; Snow Leopard Bronzer; Smokey Eye Kit

3. Smashbox

SMASHBOX! The secret to flawless and smooth looking skin.. I have their cooling foundation which I always use in summer as it stays cool on your skin for about 30-45 mins, definitely a great buy! Ultimately i use more of the face products of smashbox rather than it's eye and lip cosmetics. Buy Online  at Sephora. 

Cooling Foundation; Photo Finish Primer 

4. MakeUp forever

A very professional make-up lined used by alot of make-up artists because of the finish of this product. I swear by their foundation and many make-up artists who have done my makeup for shoots LOVE and use this product. It creates a flawless finish. LOVE IT. The best foundation is the "High definition foundation range' 

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