Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fake eyelashes vocab

Fake eyelashes a makeup artist put on me for a photoshoot - couldn't blink they were so heavy

Individual Lashes
Individual lashes create a more natural look, and are normally placed between the natural lashes for a more defined look. Personally I hate wearing these eyelashes because its a very tedious job to place them but if your looking for a natural look I would recommend these.

Strip Lashes

 For a dramatic effect consider buying strip lashes which are applied with glue/or stick on. Try and opt for the lashes that are appiled with glue because i found the ones that are stick on usually end up falling off if you are going out/going to be moving around alot.
Often these lashes are in need of trimming, so try and adjust them to natural length of your eyelashes.

Three quarter Lashes

 One of the hardest set of fake eyelashes to get on the market, however they exist and create a both natural and dramatic effect. These lashes are speficially designed to direct to the corner of the eye.

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